Monday, April 29, 2013

3 Ponds Farm

Janet Huber, owner of 3 Ponds Farm, has a lot of experience farming.  She grew up on a dairy farm in Hunterdon County, NJ.  Since then, gardening has always appealed to her.  In 2005 she bought a house on 39 acres, and her first summer there she planted a huge vegetable garden.  She enjoyed it so much, that in 2008 she decided to join the Indiana Farmers' Market.  Each year since, her garden grows bigger and bigger!  Along with friends and neighbors, Janet farms her garden located in Rossiter (Indiana County).  To Janet, the most important thing about farming is peace of mind.  Knowing where her food is coming from, especially with all the concerns about spraying and GMO's, she likes to know that she has control over her food.  "Being able to pick a fresh ripe strawberry right off the plant...there's nothing like it!"

Janet's booth at the market

Types of produce 3 Ponds Farm grows:

Zucchini--Butternut Squash--Beans

New last year: Asparagus bed

New this year:  Strawberries

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